Sunday, May 07, 2006

Application Woes

According to some email I just got, I have to mail in my medical forms this week or I might miss out on leaving in the summer. The problem is that the clinic that assessed my tendinitis a year or two ago has to send their files to the UT doctors before I can complete the medical forms, and I have no idea if that's happened yet. Tomorrow should be fun as I track that down.

Once I take care of that, my application will be complete, and I'll just have to wait for the Peace Corps to send me a invitation letter, which names the country I'll be going to and the job I'll be doing. They've told me that I should anticipate going to western Africa to teach English, but that could change at any point - though it won't, since French-speaking volunteers are in short supply, and that's the only job I'm qualified to do.


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