Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10°N, 3°E

After a failed attempt to find this confluence I went back and looked on Google Earth to find out why I had thought it was going to be so easy. It turns out that there is indeed a path that goes pretty much directly to the confluence, we had just tried to get to it from the wrong side.

The second time I programmed in a bunch of waypoints into the GPS unit to make sure I wouldn't get lost. It was a pretty easy ride. From Biro (a small town) it was about 7km on a dirt road to some village whose name I've forgotten, and then another 5km further on a footpath. The closest point from the path to the confluence was about 60 meters, so I just got off the moto and walked. There was even a tiny path going off into the field where the confluence was located.

All zeroes.

The confluence (+/- 5m) is in the exact center of this photograph.

The view from the opposite side.

Me on top of the confluence.

These flowers grow straight out of the ground. Like, without any stem or leaves. Not really sure how that works. But it apparently does, as they were all over the place.


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