Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Being White

I realized the other day that white people here get the exact same reactions as unicycle riders do in the US. Seriously. The only difference here is that some kids will try and shake your hand if they get close enough, as if you're a celebrity. Adults generally don't care.

In the North I'm 'batooray', but when I get to post I'll be back to 'yovo'. They also have a song in the south, which I used to enjoy, but now it's starting to get annoying. Fortunately, I hear that kids in your community get used to you and stop singing it.

Still, I completely understand their behavior. Whenever I see a yovo that I don't know I start gawking at them like a slack-jawed yokel, wondering who they are and why they're here.

Also, I've started to get letters that were sent at the end of July (three from my parents) so if you sent me anything around then I'll probably be getting it soon.


Blogger Andrew W. said...

Being white can be awkward no matter where you are. I have this hispanic friend named Debra and every time I go to her family functions, everybody treats me like I'm royalty. It feels like they all want my autograph, but are too nervous to ask.'re a 'yovo.'

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