Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hello Miriam's Mother

I looked in my wallet to discover that I have $26 to last me the next 21 days. Sweet.

Fortunately, you can live comfortably on $1 a day as long as you don't have to travel or go to the doctor. Though I suppose the term comfortable is relative. Another volunteer introduced me to the glories of porridge the other day, which costs about 10 cents for a large bowl. I'm also planning on showing up to hang out at friends' and neighbors' places around mealtimes, since they usually feel compelled to invite you to eat with them if you're at their house when food is about to be served.


Blogger MarjW said...

Hi right back Jim...What a surprise when I visited your blog... a message to me...Miriam's mom...I am Marj and Miriam might have told you how much we both have enjoyed your blog... I love the insights with humor that you include in your writing.. Also happy to hear you can indeed live on a dollar a Benin...good to know... also was happy to hear Miriam had found Moka sp? She was a real starbucks junkee so anything that will fit that need for coffee and caffine means she will be a happy camper....All for now...take care and keep the postings coming... Marj

10:22 PM  

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