Saturday, January 26, 2008

Your Tax Dollars at Work, Part 1

Natitingou gets a lot of tourists who are on their way to see the national parks a few hours to the north, and most Western NGOs that work in this region have their headquarters here, so local restaurant owners can make a lot of money by offering Western dishes.

Some Volunteers found a really cool guy who owns a bar but wants to start catering to tourists. So we taught him to make pizza:

Kneading dough

Making sauce

Making crust

Sauce complete

Adding sauce to crust

We cooked it in a Dutch oven since Justin doesn't have a standard one. This method works just as well for one pizza. Also the lights broke a while ago so we had to cook with a flashlight

We didn't have a grater so there's sliced cheese on top. It was excellent.

Sarah and Justin

We also taught him to make ice cream in a bucket last night (I forgot to take pictures), using some random Betty Crocker recipe. It was awesome. Unfortunately, it’ll have to be kinda expensive if he chooses to sell it so I’m not sure any Beninese people would buy it. Volunteers would though.


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