Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trip to Kerou

I went to Kerou recently to work on a project. This is another way of saying I spent five hours in a van getting coated with dust. Here are a bunch of pictures.

Having a lot of girlfriends is dangerous! My success comes first. Sex can wait


This photo would've been great if I had known how to adjust my aperture at the time. This is a garden situated next to a recently-dammed stream.

The dam. Made out of sandbags.

A mysterious pit.

A thing for scraping off dead skin. These were all over the ground but we couldn't tell where they all came from.

Straw protects the plants from direct sunlight.

Seedlings in bags.

What pretty much every forest in Benin looks like.

The ground is burnt in these pictures because people went around burning the grass in order to drive out animals, which they then killed.

Malnutrition Recuperation Center

Not breastfeeding results in dead children.

An 8th grade classroom in Kerou Secondary School. None of the kids showed up to the formation we had planned. Fortunately, the students next door had an absentee teacher so we just asked them if they wanted to play some games. It worked out well.

Goats hate sunlight.

Eto'o is popular.

Dear Parents, you are responsible for getting your children a birth certificate. Throughout their life they will need it. Don't forget, the county offices are there to help you! Don't leave the birth certificate with the county chief or the mayor, take it and guard it safely for the good of your child.

The same message, only in Bariba.

A primary school.

Glass bottles cemented to wall prevent thieves from entering.

A donkey relaxes.

Every girl in school. A national campaign. These signs are in pretty much every town.

This kid really wanted a picture. His sister does laundry in the background.

Kerou has an abnormally
high number of satellites.


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