Saturday, September 15, 2007


I moved out of my house yesterday. For unimportant reasons I won't move into the new one until next week.

More pictures have been uploaded. While taking the ones of the stations of the cross, I had to walk through a lot of thick shrubbery and tall grass, which was really crunchy for some reason. I eventually realized this was because I had been crushing snails to death the whole time.

A French teacher at my school won the US Visa Lottery, which means he and his immediate family get visas to immigrate and work in America. He already found the money for one plane ticket to Chicago (where he has a brother-in-law) but is trying to raise enough for three more tickets. I promised him I would ask around to see if anyone I knew wanted to help him out, though I told him not to hold his breath.

One of the two major cell phone companies is back on, the other one (that I used before the shutdown) should be coming on soon. Only, for real this time.


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