Monday, September 25, 2006

There is a Bat in my Latrine

All the trainees got sworn in on Friday by the new Ambassador, so I'm actually a volunteer now! We took an oath to defend the US Constitution and then partied the rest of the day.

The electricity is temporarily out at my post, which made cooking my first meal difficult, so I just had oatmeal with a packet of Swiss Miss mixed in. Breakfast today was Mac and Cheese with some beef jerky on the side. I'm going shopping after this, so hopefully I'll be able to start cooking proper meals (not that what I'm eating is much different than what I made back in the US). The neighbor kids are quite helpful. One guy came over today to make sure I didn't mind if he helped me with chores.

My house is bigger and better stocked than I remember from post visit (my predecessor left me almost everything she owned). There are lots of lizards in the shower room and outside of my house. The tin roof makes the lizards crawling sound like a small child is up there.

My cell phone works in village, but there's no service at my house. This internet cafe has DSL, though it's about 20 minutes by mototaxi. Next door to the internet cafe is the fitness center. During post visit I thought I saw a sign that said it offers massages. That was incorrect. It offers massages AND hydromassages. I don't know what that means exactly, but I do know where I'll be on my birthday.


Blogger David Wen said...

is there a way to post pics for the entries? Or do you even have a digicam in Africa?

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