Friday, November 03, 2006

More Random Observations

I really don't even think about it much anymore, but the other day I converted the price of some oranges I bought into US currency and realized I had gotten each one for 1.44 cents.

The electricity at my house has been out for a week, and I didn't really notice until I discovered that I couldn't recharge my cell phone.

People still giggle when I greet them in Fon.

I've been dehydrated to the point where I sat down and considered opening a can of tuna just to drink the juice (I decided in the end to wait for my water to boil).

I still haven't gotten rid of the mouse, but I did find out that even though I put all my food in airtight containers, it survived by eating a bar of soap. The cockroaches are getting worse, and I don't know why.


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