Friday, November 17, 2006

There is a life inside me

After having stomach cramps for a few days I got around to seeing the doctor, who informed me that I have amoebas. So that's fun.

By pure coincidence, I was seeing the doctor on the same day that the reception for the new Country Director was being held, so I got to go to that after the exam was done (since I arrived in July there hadn't been a person holding the position permanently, meaning I had a superior, but no ultimate superior). It doesn't really affect my day-to-day life, but it's nice to actually have a boss.

It turns out that Wimax has a range of 30 kilometers, and since my post is close enough to Cotonou, I might actually have relatively high-speed Internet access in a month (but no running water). I don't think I can emphasize enough that that would be the greatest thing ever.

Dad, I never bought the yovo chickens. I forgot when market day came up, and before the next one arrived I found a lady who sells yovo chicken eggs for just 10 francs more than regular eggs (roughly 2 cents).


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