Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In Benin, Jesus is depicted as being white, though this is apparently not the case in other West African countries such as Senegal, where there is a large black power movement. I don't actually know anything regarding the debate over Jesus' skin color, but while sitting with my friend I decided to use the argument I heard on an episode of the Boondocks just to see what would happen.

Me: How come all the statues of Jesus in Benin have him being white?
Friend: Because he is white.
Me: But in Senegal all the statues of Jesus have him with black skin.
Friend: That's ridiculous.
Me: I thought that the people who lived in Israel at the time were from Africa or the Middle East, and so their skin was darker.
Friend: No no, people who settled in Israel all came from Europe, so Jesus had to be white.

At about this time an electrician strolled up to the shop and the conversation turned to AIDS.

Electrician: AIDS doesn't exist.
Me: Yes it does, you're just scared.
Electrician: Well, maybe it does, but it's been around since the origin of human beings, so there's no need to do anything about it.

At this point the people sitting in the shop started arguing with the electrician over the origin of human beings, and when things got heated they all switched to Fon so I couldn't understand anything.


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