Sunday, October 14, 2007


On Saturday, Benin's national soccer team, the Squirrels, defeated Sierra Leone 2 to 0, qualifying them to enter the African Cup of Nations. This is the first time Benin has ever gotten into the tournament. I asked a taxi driver why the team was called the Squirrels. He said they chose the name because they're small but nimble, like Benin. This was believable enough that I decided to assume it was true.

World Map

Here's the finished map I painted at my school over the summer. A lot of kids would pass by and just watch as I painted, and occasionally ask questions, such as:

"Can you show me where Asia is?"
(pointing to Antarctica) "So is this like a giant white ocean?"
"So you're from the United States? Like which part, Brazil or American or Mexico?"

So hopefully the map will get put to use.

Friday, October 12, 2007

This is the Best Possible Name For a High-End Clothing Store

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

You Go Smash Now!

The other day I noticed what seemed like a large burn on the back of my neck, which was peculiar, given that I hadn't burned myself at any point in the past year. It turns out some stupid jerk beetle sprayed me with some stupid acid and melted my skin. Or something. I wasn't actually paying that close attention to what the doctor was saying, since all I was interested in knowing was whether or not it was the kind of skin infection where you get limbs amputated (which the doctors had recently warned us about). Fortunately the cream they give to burn victims also works on the thing I have, so it'll go away soon.


Just to clarify, my address is not changing. All mail going to the BP 971 address will get delivered to my house at least once a month.

Animaniacs, More Like Half Hour Deception Spectacular

For no particular reason I was reading the lyrics to Yakko's World when I noticed that Dahomey was included as a country.

I found this a bit strange given that Dahomey stopped being a country in 1975 and was renamed Benin, which is also mentioned in the song. I guess I shouldn't complain though, even after being pointed to twice by Yakko no one knows where the hell it is.