Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rainy Season, Dry Season

The first picture was taken August 3rd, the second picture was taken February 12th.

Solar Water Heater

I recently built a solar water heater for my house since another volunteer got one and I envied it a great deal.

Water goes into this 15-gallon black plastic barrel from a hose in my bathroom. The metal frame was custom-built by a welder and cemented in by a mason. A plumber installed a floater from a toilet on the top tube so the intake valve shuts off automatically when it's full. The clear plastic on top holds in heat and is draped so that when the barrel is full it touches the surface of the water. This prevents condensation from building up on the plastic and reflecting sunlight.

The tubes enter and exit via a small hole in the wall.

They then continue through the former exterior window.

The hot water connects to a copper pipe that is cemented into the wall and then goes into the faucet. The cold water comes from a separate faucet down below.

A close-up of the faucet.

Orange Flower

This is in my yard.