Wednesday, December 13, 2006


No mice have returned to my house yet, which is welcome news, and the cockroaches are diminishing in number. I think this may be due to the lack of rain somehow, or because I bought some insecticide.

My ants are really annoying, but I do have to admit that I enjoy not having to clean up the dead cockroaches, since the ants just dismantle them and carry the parts back to wherever they come from.

I really love it when I'm sleeping in my mosquito net, and I hear a mosquito flying around trying to get inside, completely unaware that it's doomed to fly towards me until it starves to death, or get killed by the insecticide-laced net.

I Ain't Dead Yet

Dry season has arrived, and with it, regular blackouts. Electricity for Benin is generated in Ghana at a hydroelectric dam, so when rainfall decreases, there are energy shortages, and it gets difficult to find an Internet cafe that has power. It was especially disruptive when the power went out while my school was photocopying tests during the testing week, and all the classes were delayed for two hours.

I saw another white guy a while ago in a boomba, which scared the crap out of me. That wasn't the reaction I would've expected, but it was just so bizarre to see someone who looked pretty much just like me in my own village. I didn't talk to him, mostly out of fear, but my students tell me he's a veterinarian.