Thursday, October 09, 2008

Predictions from 2006 Revisited

Before I left for Benin I made four predictions about what things would be like in October 2008. Good thing I didn't predict I'd be in America:

1) Oil will be above $90/bbl.

I probably should've defined "October" but contracts for October delivery closed at $120 and were at no point below $90. I'll count this as a win despite the fact that prices are now below $90.

2) The Democratic nominee for President won't be Hillary Clinton.

I should've bet on this.

3) The Republican nominee for President will be John McCain.

I really should've bet on this.

4) It will turn out that Lost actually did have a coherent, well-defined plot since the beginning.

I thought the show would've been over by now, but I guess I was wrong about that. In any event, we'll have to wait another year to settle this one, though I'm pretty sure this won't turn out in my favor.